Yuzu Minase /水瀬ゆず

I am the founder of a support program for school refusal that utilizes the world's first VR metaverse. I have launched a media platform called "Metacal Frontier" that showcases the "now" and "possibilities" of social metaverses. I am the Vice Chairman of the Metaverse Subcommittee of the Cabinet Office's Regional Revitalization SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform. I was selected as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum's U33 Global Shapers. I am the Representative Director of Yuzu Town General Incorporated Association and the Representative Director of Yuzu Plus Co., Ltd. (real name: Kenichi Okamura)

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Born in Hiroshima in 1999, during his time at Hiroshima Johoku Junior and Senior High School, he served as the captain of the Shaolin Kempo Club and won the prefectural and regional tournaments as part of the team. He also advanced to the semifinals of the All-Japan High School Comprehensive Athletic Meet Shaolin Kempo competition (Interhigh). After entering Ritsumeikan University's College of Life Sciences, he strongly identified with the ideals of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and was selected as the vice-executive committee chairman for the "Sustainable Week" participatory SDGs campus festival and as the student representative for the Ritsumeikan University Innovation Architect Development Program sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. He has won awards such as the Asahi Shimbun SDGs ACTION! AWARDS Grand Prix, the Asian Conference on Campus Sustainability Excellent Incentive Award, and has advanced to the finals of the Microsoft ImagineCup. He also won the Matsushita Political Economy Study Program 2019 Best Award.

After learning about metaverse through his research, he spent a total of 3,000 hours in metaverse spaces and founded the "Metaverse Share House" project with friends he met in the metaverse. They relocated to Kyoto and lived in the share house together. Recognizing the lack of awareness of the appeal of metaverse community culture, he launched the media platform "MetaCal Frontier" to share the "now" and "potential" of social metaverse. He also launched the world's first VR metaverse non-attendance support program for students with friends he met in the metaverse, in collaboration with Hiroshima City and Ritsumeikan University.




2023.3.19「メタバースの世界で生きるとは?」TV TOKYO

2023.3.1「メタバースで学びの場」NHK ほっとぐんま630







2022.10.6「学校以外の選択肢も・・・居場所は仮想空間に?」ABEMA prime

2022.9.18「謎ニーズ百貨店 ~これ買うのってどんな人?~」TBS

2022.7.20「ゴーグルの先にある日常 メタバース生活週100時間のリアルって」朝日新聞デジタル

2022.6.8「世界初!メタバース×バラエティー実験番組 ロバート秋山&みちょぱ」フジテレビ

2022.5.31「週に100時間VRゴーグルをつけて仮想空間に 生活が一変する可能性を秘めたメタバースの世界とその住人たち」TBS news23



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